Monday, October 8, 2012

Ongoing "To-Do"

Well, my "to-do" lists seem never-ending; but, I agree that it is quite satisfying to cross something off your list!  I need my lists!  I love my lists!  This is not my typical list as this is just for me, my wants (not need-to-do-right-now-or-else!); but, still this list is not as fun as yours:

1.  Learn more Spanish (my plan is to be fluent)
2.  Take a CPR class  (with my two adventurers, I feel the need to be on the safe side)
3.  Take a woodworking class (I would like to build furniture, including a built-in bookcase with--gasp--drawers below)
4.  Jump in a pile of leaves and enjoy the sweet, sweet smell of the change in seasons
5.  Take more moments to just enjoy my family
6.  Laugh out loud from my belly until I can't breathe and I have tears streaming (I don't feel like I do this maybe I got something stuck, if you know what I mean)

Above is my list for the upcoming year.  I will look for classes at our hospital and community college and the rest I just have to be mindful to accomplish.  I have another "list" of changes a bit...but, here are some of the things I keep in mind to do:

7.  Learn to play the piano (my son may be able to teach me soon...for real)
8.  Travel to Florence, Italy (for an extended stay, preferably)
9.  Go on an African safari (I hear Tanzania is the best)
10. Go on more road trips (itching to go to Canada, an East Coast tour, to Glacier National and down the entire West Coast (just CA was awesome))
11. Along those lines, maybe try camping (maybe...I know I would enjoy seeing a gazillion stars...not sure about bugs, cold, wet, cooking and dirt...would also be awesome to wake to an amazing sunrise)
12. Possibly make something (art, for example...which I love) and go to fairs to sell it (or maybe even a never know!)
13. Possibly write a book and get it published (of poetry, a memoir, a combination, a kids book...again, you never know!)
14. Travel to Australia
15. Try to ski
16. What I think about most (and pray for) is making a difference, trying to take advantage of opportunities to make someone's day, month, year.  I feel like I don't do this enough.

Feel free to call me out...I would love a "push" to do any of these!

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