Saturday, February 6, 2016

6 months

To my little six months.

You weigh 17 lbs and are 27 inches long. You are growing by leaps and bounds.

You look at your big sister with such awe and admiration...even when she is being a bit rough with you. You smile through it all. It touches me to tears to witness such love.

You hold your pointer finger in the "one" position and open your palm and then do it again. Mama mimics you and you smile and laugh.

You say "Nananana" when you are upset.

You do this thing where you put your lips together and blow and sound like a high-pitched motor boat.

You have been chewing on your toes lately. When you're on the changing table, you immediately start to chew on your toes and it's impossible to pry your foot out of your mouth, you strong girl, you.

You can sit up on your own! Hooray!

Gosh, are you a vocal little one. You scream! You squeal! I love it so much. I love you so much, my darling Estella.

Friday, February 5, 2016


To my two and a half years.

You have officially entered the terrible twos. I didn't think this could happen. No. Not to my sweet Greta. With each passing day, you become increasingly difficult...but I think it's because I only compare it to your normal sweet disposition. I get the feeling like this is nothing, really. Like it could be so much worse.

Oh Greta! You love to laugh! You love to sing! When I try to join along in singing with you, you tell me to stop, but when I laugh with you, we do just that, we laugh together. And with your sister, it is just the greatest giggle fest I ever did see.

You talk in your sleep. I asked you this morning if you were dreaming. You said, "Yes." I asked you what your dream was about. You said, "Board. A board in the spring time. And there were childrens." As I type this, you are napping and saying, "Just keep Twr-ying. Just keep twr-ing."

You are taking soccer and ballet at the moment and you love both.