Thursday, October 4, 2012


I agree that happiness is in the little things.  Today (not all days; but, I can safely say today), I am very grateful to have Dad in our home.  Earlier today, he was looking at some pictures that I had not seen in awhile.  I just found him in his room (sitting on his bed, which he always has to make), thumbing through a few pictures mostly from the '70s and mostly of me and our oldest brother, David.  Dad always wrote the who/what/when/where on the back of the pictures.  I love that.  Later in life, he stopped doing that (I wonder if that should have been a sign?).

Unfortunately, Dad did not remember that it was us.  I had to tell him.  They did look "familiar" to him, though.  It was still a joy to find him there, looking for something to jog his memory.

It's also a joy to see me at my children's ages.  They are unique; but, my sons may have picked up a gesture, a personality trait, a "look"... in addition to some of my physical features.  That makes me feel like when I leave this world, I will live on in my children, as we will do for our father.  Bitter and sweet, like that chocolate frosting on your cake!  By the way, where's my slice?


  1. I'm happy you get to see what dad's like on his "good" days. He definitely contributed to the content of our character...something I'll be proud to carry on after he is gone.

    The cake was good...not great, just good. And you couldn't eat it anyway because it has gluten, coffee, and dairy in it.

  2. I love that dad wrote who/what/when/where on the back of the photos too!