Monday, April 6, 2015

To my 9-year-old son

It is very hard to believe that you are nine.  Your birthday was during our vacation; and, I am glad we celebrated the week before.

It is wonderful to play with you and watch you play.  It is great to be your teacher AND mother.  I love learning with you.  I love teaching you something and knowing when you "get it".  I love catching you in moments I can tell you are enjoying (reading, drawing, watching, playing, thinking, dreaming).

You love to be unique.  I love that.  I love witnessing you be you (like on the beach, in Mexico, where you danced like no one was watching).

You like to go for the laugh.  But, your favorite comics are "Garfield"; so, sarcasm is what you use the most (my fault for being sarcastic, too...I am trying not to be!).  I am sorry for the times I miss the joke and think you are being disrespectful (often).  Maybe we will get it right together...half the time I can teach you when it's not appropriate and half the time I will remember to laugh?

You love Legos. 
You love reading.  You will read anything.  You know stuff I don't even know AND stuff I didn't even know you knew (ha!).
You love making videos with your toys.  You figured out stuff on our digital camera that I did not even know it could do (and so it goes).
You love God (thank God).
You like figuring things out your own way.  Math, for instance.  I won't rush you.  You are getting it.
You love roller skating.  I think you want to keep challenging yourself.  You get better every time.  We will go again soon.
You love anything science.  Everything science.
You love art.  You love creating art, drawing, painting, building.  You like telling me that anything can be art.
I love hearing and seeing you play the piano.  I have enjoyed all the songs and sounds you have composed this year.  I am glad you went that direction.  It clearly suits you.

You taught yourself to swing this year; so, every time we go to the park, you want to practice (I did the same thing...I would still do it if I did not have your baby brother...I love the swings, too!)

I miss playing chess with you.  It's off your radar right now.

I love playing soccer with you and watching you play.  We will get started with some pick up games with our friends again soon, OK?

On the top of your list of things you want to be:  Inventor.  You often wonder aloud if something has been invented yet.  I think your most recent one was if there was yet an elevator with a touchscreen floor.

You are so patient with your younger brothers.  I don't know if I could be as patient as you are with some of the things.  You give up a lot just to make them happy.

Thank you for volunteering often to help out with your 7-month-old brother.  He loves it and I get a break!

I am in awe of you, young man!  I love you so much...more every day, every year! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

19 months

To my silly little 19 months.

You will hold just about anything up to your ear and pretend it's a phone. You have deep conversations and always begin with "hi" or "ello?" And end with "o-tay. Bye bye."

Your favorite things to say these days are, "oh my!" And "hooray!"

You started ballet class. You're warming up to it.

When we are at the table, you like to say, "cheer!" and clink glasses and drink. (Dada taught you this)

You like to put on Mama and Dada's shoes and walk around the house.

Your first full sentence was, "Dada ate apple."

You ate an ice cream cone for the first time while we were in Austin and you loved it.

You say, "hi-ah!"to almost anyone you meet. And I found out recently that you will walk up to strangers and take their hand and lead them to where you would like to go.

I love you exponentially each day. My heart may burst, you're so sweet...most of the time.