Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Musical Memory

I love that.  I also love all different kinds of music.  How lucky we are that Mom and Dad are 17 years apart in age (and in music!).  The music that I find people relate to most is from their "coming of age" years.  For me, that was (kind of unfortunately) grunge rock; but, honestly, I still appreciate's just no longer my favorite.  Fortunately, today, I love a good voice, a great sound or a perfect piano (or guitar) piece, in addition to amazing and touching lyrics (in any genre).

But, nothing beats a song that everyone can sing.  Today, in the car, I was trying to distract my kids and we started singing, "Jingle Bells".  The best part was when Dad recognized the lyrics and, he, too, started to sing along.  So, for about a minute, we were all singing together.  My kids noticed how special that was. 

When we were on our way back home, they asked if we could sing it again.  And, we did - all of us. (sniffle)

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