Wednesday, September 9, 2015

one month

To my darling one month.

You have gained two pounds and three ounces! You are in the 80-90th percentile for both height and weight.

Your eyes are still blue. Everyone is wondering if they will remain blue or if they will turn brown.

You love to cuddle right into my neck and you wrap your arm around my neck when I hold you upright. I love this. You also will try to suck on my chin in this position.

You also pinch my arm when I hold you on your tummy.

You try so very hard to speak when I talk to you. You have only said, "oh" a couple of times. I know you have so much more to say.

When you drift off to sleep, you smile so big...and sometimes you even giggle. I wonder what you are dreaming.

The first place you ate at when you were just one week old was M. Henry in Andersonville. The hostess saw I was carrying a baby in my sling and luckily, we got to be seated fairly quickly. The perks of motherhood! Nobody likes a crying baby...

We went to the beach when you were just two weeks old. I can't tell you how peaceful it was listening to music and holding you while I watched your dad and sister play by the water. Your sister had been asking to go to the beach for weeks...I'm so happy we went that day. It was a perfect day.

You are really very gassy. I feel like you're not an unusually fussy baby, but boy, do you toot like a sailor...or someone who has eaten a lot of beans.

You sleep fairly well...only waking once or twice in the night. You will typically nap when your sister naps, so if I time it right, I can get about an hour of ME time. Haha! ME time...that doesn't exist when you're a parent. I can't even take a poop in peace.

Mama gave you your first bath! You kind of hated it the first time...maybe because I forgot how to bathe an infant? But you seemed like you were going to fall asleep the second time around. (Note: the photos above are from the second bath.)

Monday, September 7, 2015


To my spirited two-year-old,

We weren't sure when your little sister would grace us with her presence, so we celebrated your birthday with family a little late. I don't think you knew the difference. You were simply happy to see everyone.

You love to draw and paint!

You keep saying, "It's not funny!" with your arms crossed and the biggest frown on your face.

You call your blanket your "super duper".

You always ask, "I hold baby?" referring to your little baby sister.

You say, "What's that noise?" every time you hear something, even if you know exactly what it Estella crying.

You've been talking a lot in Spanish. You officially know more than I do. Sigh...with the new baby, you have been watching far too much "Dora the Explorer".

When you call for "Mommy" or "Mama", you make big bubbles in your mouth with your spit.

I love the way you march. You kick your knees high and swing your hips and arms in perfect unison.

You keep saying, "Happy Birthday, mama!" and then you ask, "I open presents?"

You call your Gram "Dip". I have no idea where this came from, but I think it's endearing and your dada thinks it's hilarious.

Your most frequently used saying is, "Hmmmm....let's see."

You love hats and sunglasses. People always ask me how I get you to wear them..."she wants to." is typically my response.

You love to find a little record or disc or book and use them as "skates" around the house.

When your dada or I leave (sometimes just a room) and come back, you have been saying, "Hello mama! I SO miss you." It melts my heart, Greta. I want to bottle you up and keep you just like this for a little while longer.