Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Ears, Happy Heart

I love music. Growing up with dad, I was exposed to so many different genres of music. From Harry Belafonte to Buddy Holly to the Beatles to the Carpenters to Billy Joel...that man appreciates music. Car rides were the best rides growing up.

I would love getting in the car with dad to look at his latest tape or cd. The artists we loved to sing along to were definitely Elvis and Buddy Holly. Dad really got into it...I loved when he sang "(Let Me Be Your)Teddy Bear" by Elvis...he was happy in these moments. I was happy in these moments.

I remember you mentioning that I loved the song "Bette Davis Eyes" to someone at my wedding shower. "She's always loved that song...ever since she was little", you said. The reason I love that song so much is because I can remember every time I got into the car with mom, she would blast it...that, and "Hotel California". She would listen to those two songs over and over. I would always beg her to put the "do, do, do, doot" song on, otherwise known as "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes. I was only five.

Nowadays, I still listen to music in the car, but I also listen to it when I cook or clean, or workout (not often) and during dinner...and every now and then, someone will ask me to dance...and one time, that someone got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Happy in that moment. Happy still.

For every season, there is music. This is my Fall Mix. Enjoy!

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