Monday, December 17, 2018

three. (and some change)

To my littlest three years old.

You love “La La Land” so much. You get upset anytime I play anything else but that soundtrack. You yell, “No! I want La La Land!” and then you proceed to ask Alexa to play it.

Whenever I see you putting something in your mouth, I ask what you are doing. Your response is usually, in a matter of fact tone, “Eating my boogers.” I always laugh at this. 

Whenever you see an airplane, you yell, “Airplane! Airplane! We-ya! We-ya!”

You always play a game where you giggle and run away and say, “You can’t catch me! I’m the gingerbread man!”

You use the words, “actually” and “perhaps” quite a bit.

You say you want a baby sister and you want to name her, “Jealous.” 

You always put sunglasses on upside down. I don't dare try and correct it anymore.

You call dum dum suckers “planet candy”.

On your actual birthday, we were laying down and you were playing with my hair and you asked, “you wanna see my fwends?” And then you asked me to count to five. You counted with me and then pulled out your hand from beneath my hair and yelled, “Surprise!” and you giggled so hard. It was so very Estella. 

You did such a great job when we went blueberry picking this year. I told you to only pick the plump blue ones...not the green ones and you were so determined to fill your bucket. As your sister complained about the heat, you just went right on picking blueberries, only stopping every now and then to eat a few.

You love hair! You play with mine and Greta’s all the time...and sometimes even with strangers sitting in front of you. 

You went to Disney World for the very first time. Your favorite part was meeting the characters. You liked the carousel and Peter Pan's Flight.

You do a pretty killer Donald Duck impression. You even did your impression for him when you met him. 

You are forever twirling your hair and always with your right hand because of the way your hair parts to one side.

You have been saying, “Shake it. Don’t break it.” I have no idea where it came from but it’s so funny to watch you wiggle your hips as you say it.

You very much wanted to be a penguin for Halloween, but I eventually convinced you to wear the costume we had for you. Convinced may not be the best word here...I probably bribed you with a sucker or something.

My stubborn little Plum. You are so sweet. And so funny. And so smart. I love to watch you dance and my favorite thing about you right now is when you say, "Mama. I have to tell you somethin." I ask you what it is. "I love you." It is always out of the blue. Perhaps you sense that I need to hear it. And I give you a great big hug and say, "I love you, too, Estella. So much."