Wednesday, April 24, 2013

27 weeks

...and I am so sick of bananas. Instead, I make banana bread from the very ripe bananas that I look at with disgust. (I have some baking in the oven now. I like to add chocolate chips. I call it "monkey bread")

I am unusually scared of falling. I keep imagining all these different scenarios where I fall directly on my belly. I step lightly and carefully because of this.

I am so clumsy. I keep knocking into things. Stupid center of gravity.

Little Caterpillar can hear and recognize our voices now...allegedly. Music seems to soothe little one. Caterpillar stops kicking and moving around when I place the headphones over my belly.

Jon surprises me with little treats almost every week. Yesterday, it was a delicious chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. I love that he does this. I love him so.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

26 weeks

...and it is extremely difficult to balance on one foot. (in heels, no less)

My latest craving? Greek yogurt with sliced bananas and peanut butter granola.

I love chocolate. I always have. It gives me heartburn, but I eat it anyway. It's worth it.

I am ALL belly. Strangers think I am much further along than I am.

Pregnant women get free stuff.
"Can I pay for these croissants?"
"Oh, just take them, dear. Don't worry about."

Little Caterpillar loves to kick Mama when she is trying to sleep. I miss sleep. I miss it so. On my belly. On my back. I miss consistent sleep.

I really don't mind that friends and family want to touch my belly...really. I am completely cool with that. It's the strangers that get to me.

Jon and I visited some good friends in Indy over the weekend. Their dog is in the top photos. Maggie...what a sweet girl. Coincidentally, our friend, Bobby, wanted to feel the baby move because he has never felt a baby move inside a belly before. However, it seemed like Caterpillar slept all weekend because I didn't feel much movement...until we went to sleep, of course. Jon would put his hand on my belly and little one would kick his hand every 10 seconds or so.

We also went to Louisville for a very special little girl's first communion. Gram made us angel and dinosaur pancakes when we arrived Sunday morning.

It was so great to spend the weekend with friends and family that we don't see too often. I wouldn't want to make the trip again anytime soon, mainly because of the comfort in travel and the having to stop and use the restroom every hour situation. But for quality time and memories made, it's worth it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Mix

Spring has sprung!

With all this rain we've been having, I noticed more little buds coming out of the ground in our front yard. The ones you suspected were daffodils, are, in fact, daffodils. I was secretly hoping they were the ones which line Michigan Ave in the springtime. Remember that beautiful, fun day last year when we were shopping for the wedding? Time flies.

So, on this rainy afternoon, I encourage you to kick up your feet, or kick off your shoes and relax or dance a little. Relish this fleeting time between winter and summer...where the damp air smells of new life. The birds are singing. The ambulances wailing...where I live, at least. And the tunes are playing.

Monday, April 8, 2013

i think we will be very happy here.

It already feels like home yet we've only been here a week. We love our new neighborhood. We love our new home.

Jon and I were both feeling nostalgic about leaving our first apartment where we shared so many great memories...the spot between the dining room and the living room where he proposed...the moment we found out I was pregnant...the view of the clocktower from our porch where we spent so many nights just sitting and talking. I may have cried an entire day. Jon only got a little teary eyed for a moment.

A great friend cheered me up by telling me that I have so much to look forward to and will create so many more memories in our new home. And she's right. This is the first place where we will bring little Caterpillar home from the hospital. This is where we will become parents.

There's no doubt. I think we will be very happy here.