Thursday, September 26, 2013

Carry On, Warrior... Review

I miss me some Greta.  Beautiful baby girl!  I am a lucky auntie!

I just finished reading, "Carry On Warrior.  Thoughts on Life Unarmed" by, Glennon Doyle Melton.  I loved it!!!!!  Love, love, loved it.  Bethany, you would love it, too.  If I had not borrowed it from the library (and if it weren't already a week overdue because I couldn't renew because someone else put it on hold), I would totally lend it to you. 

Not only is Glennon a terrific writer; but, I also wish she was my friend.  Her heartfelt, human and wonderful stories often made me laugh out loud (mostly at the airport in front of my colleagues/friends and LOTS of other people when we were waiting for our delayed flight).  Loved it.

I have VERY similar views about God.  Eerily similar.  Like, I did not know there was anyone in the world that would ever agree with me about my opinions on God and love and religion and faith.  And, I was wrong.  Glennon agrees.  Makes me feel that maybe I am on the right path after all.

I feel like she is a kindred spirit.  I have made oodles of mistakes (too many that people don't even know about) and I keep making them (for some reason...oh yeah, because I AM IMPERFECT).  I TRY to make smaller mistakes...and, I am constantly trying to improve, do better, heal.  I feel good when I am healing and when I KNOW I am healing.

Thanks to Glennon, I feel more brave.  Maybe there are some confessions in my future.  I want everyone to know how HUGELY IMPERFECT I am (see, for more about my imperfection).  I rarely feel that I have all the answers.  Oh, wait, I mean, never.  I never have the answers.  And, that feels good.  Meant. To. Be.

So, Glennon Doyle Melton, will you be my friend?  If not, that's OK.  I have some great friends, a great husband and my wonderful sister, too!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

one month

This photo was taken when Greta was one month's hard to believe she will be two months in just ten days.

To my sweet baby one month.

You have gained 2 lbs. 11 oz. You are growing so fast and changing so much!

You are a mini houdini. You break out of your swaddle matter how tightly Daddy wraps you. I believe you take it as a challenge.

We have deep conversations at the changing table.

You curl your lips into a perfect "o" when you poop and every time I put you in your bouncy poop all over it.

You get the hiccups on a daily basis. You got them when you were inside Mama, too. Sometimes, it is because you get so excited that you take giant breaths when you talk to us.

We took you to the beach when you were three weeks old. You loved it and slept like I've never seen you sleep before.

You have already been to the Randolph Street Antique Market and the Renegade Craft Fair...not to mention Nosh. (you were just a week old!) You are a regular Chicagoan.

Daddy and I gave you your first bath the other day. You were happy to be naked, but gave your signature "frown before you start crying" face when Daddy washed your hair.

Cheers to one month, my darling girl! I'm looking forward to seeing your changes and developments in the coming months.