Friday, July 10, 2015

To my 10 month old baby boy!

It is wonderful and beautiful to watch you grow.  You started crawling a few weeks ago.  You are taking your time with everything and that is OK with us.  You have started getting up on your hands and feet, with your butt in the air; and, you occasionally like to pull yourself to standing (just a few times so far because you aren't too sure about that).

Oh, my sweet boy, how you love to eat!  You have not slowed down nursing (and that's OK with me); and, you love to eat everything I put in front of you (and many things on the floor that I would rather you not eat).  This morning, you had some tiny wild blueberries for the first time and you loved them.  You often confuse the sign language signals for "more" and "all done"; so, mama is confused, too (sorry, buddy!).  But, you kept wanting "more" of those little blueberries! 

You like freeze dried and frozen bananas, but not so much the fresh ones. 

Just this week, you've started shaking your head (this is something you do for "all done", too...instead of shaking your hands); but, I don't think it means, "no".  I think you just like to do it.  You will mimic us doing it.

You like to carry things; and, since you are crawling, you carry them in your mouth.  We all think this is absolutely adorable.

You love to be with your brothers.  I love that.  I hope it never changes.

We took you to Wisconsin Dells last month (we left the day you turned 10 months old); but, because your brother was sick and we were at daddy's conference, we did not get to experience any waterslides together.  We did lots of other things, though!  You did well on the journey because I rode in the backseat with you.

Just this week, we showed you the Duplo blocks and you love pulling them apart.

Your top four teeth are on their way in.  So, sometimes you drool a lot.  My poor sweet boy.

You seem to put up with a lot of things, having two older brothers; but, when you want mama, you let everyone know.  I think you noticed how putting your hand to your mouth makes the "m" sound; so, I think that is how you tell us you want mama (besides crying).  You seem to only do it when you want to nurse to sleep.

When we ride in the car, you like to hum because you noticed that you make different noises as we go over bumps.

When you see your dad, you (almost, see paragraph above about wanting mama) always get excited.  That is awesome.  Your daddy appreciates it, too.

You are a gift, my sweet.  We all love you so much.

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