Saturday, July 18, 2015

23 months

To my almost 23 months.

Whenever we get home, you walk through the door and announce, "We're home! Hi! I'm Teta!"

You swung on a big girl swing for the first time on the Fourth of July. You did really well until you forgot to hang on and fell right on your face. Never did I jump up and run so fast whilst pregnant to pick you up and console you.

You encourage dancing in our household. "Mus?" You insist on music during meals and afterwards?..."C'mon, Dada, let's dance."

You like to sleep with your baby. You also like to dance with your baby and give baby "dee-dongs".

When you are eating something you really enjoy, you close your eyes and say, "'s good."

You also will close your eyes when you listen to music and just sway and move your hands back and forth with the song.

You hide your Dora or your baby and then you close your eyes, count to five, and say, "ready or not, here I come!" and go retrieve them from wherever you left them.

You say who or what you like. Currently, you like Dada, cookies, ice cream, Papa, mus, beach, baby, and Dora.

You love your water table/ sandbox. You could play with that for hours.

You still like to nurse, which I don't mind. I have to admit I don't love it, but I love that we still share this special bond. I guess we'll see how the tandem nursing will go with the new baby due any day now.

You like to hide beneath my dresses, skirts, and kimonos. You call it your "tree house".

You like to grab mama and dada and say, "I got you!"

When we ask you why, your reply is always, "Because. Because."

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