Wednesday, June 24, 2015

21 & 22 months

I can't believe she will be 23 months in just a few days. When people ask, Jon has been telling people she is two. "Almost two" is what I would say. She's not two yet...sigh...not yet.

Tonight at dinner, I told her to stay a baby forever. I just want to hold onto her like this for just a little longer. She replied, "O-tay, mama."

For now, you are my baby. Although, in just a few weeks we will have a new baby and you will officially be a will forever be my baby.

To my sweet 21 and 22 months.

Instead of "yeah", you now answer with a very definitive "yes", almost always followed by "please".

The other day, I watched as you picked up different shapes with your toes and proceed to drop them into your doll pram. I asked if you were a monkey, to which you replied, "oooh, ah, ah, ah!"

You've become a little less sweet and a little more defiant these days. I understand this is normal and you are testing boundaries. You've had two timeouts...

You are so ticklish! Especially by your neck.

Every time you spill anything or you think something has gone wrong, you say, "I sorry, Dada."

You tell me to "shoo!" when I try to brush your hair or wipe the boogies from your nose. I don't know where this came from...

You will use anything as drumsticks and drum everywhere...the table, a door, anything metal.

You say "wow!" and "no way!" on a daily basis.

You will count, "1,2,3, go!" and run from one end of the living room to the kitchen and repeat.

You love to share. Except if it's "coco". You will not share any chocolate.

You pretend to sleep, with the old timey snore and everything.

When we ask you your name, you say, "I'm Teta!"

You can sing all your abc's and count to fifteen!

You show such sympathy. When mama is feeling overwhelmed or upset, you sense this and say, "it's o-tay, mama," and gently rub my arm and climb up into my lap and give me a big hug and kiss. Then,  you say, "better?" Yes, Greta. When you do things like this, you always make it "better."

You still smile in your sleep...and I could still watch you forever.

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