Saturday, February 28, 2015

To my baby boy at 6 months!

Sweet boy.  Your brothers love to entertain you.  They especially love to make you laugh.  You like when they act silly.  You like to watch balls and balloons (and the silly faces that accompany them).  We all love to hear your laugh.

Your smile lights up a room.  I've seen it happen more than once.  It's beautiful.

You have been discovering the sounds you can make with your mouth.  All kinds of sounds!  You talk to us, too (you know, in your own language).

You have always done this (but, your mama thought it was an accident):  you reach out to touch my face when you need something from me (and, I have missed the cue!).

You can almost, almost, almost sit up by yourself; but, not quite yet.  Soon, baby.  Soon, you can eat all that food you are interested in.   But, we have to start slow, you know.

Your Grandma made you a really neat floor mat/blanket.  The funny thing is, you seem to know it's yours.  Of course, you probably think everything is yours right now.

Your rolls are getting bigger and your feet are getting chubbier.  Perfectly so.  16 pounds (and some ounces) at your 6 month check up, already a couple of weeks ago now.

Your teeth are bothering you even more.  We are praying they come soon.  We pulled out all the stops today--amber necklace, teething tablets, frozen things, wooden things, cloth.

You went on your first field trip with your brothers and your mama.  We went to the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium.  The car ride was so rough that you slept through most of the museum.  Luckily, we stayed overnight with your Aunt Bethany and Grandma and cousin, Greta.

I love you more every day.  I can say the same for your brothers.  Oh.  My boys.

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