Tuesday, March 3, 2015

17 & 18 months

With Greta's bout of not walking much of January and me not feeling at my best, I haven't picked up my camera much between Christmas and Valentine's Day. So, a goal I'm putting in place this year is to take more photos. Many. And not just of Greta...although she is an adorable subject.

To my darling Greta Maeve...

You say, "uh-oh!" and "oh no!" all the time.

When you are eating something you really enjoy, you say, "mmmmmm" and get excited and kind of giggle.

Your laughter is music to my ears.

You've been walking backwards lately. Also, on your tiptoes.

You love the bean bag that we got you for Christmas so much! No one else is allowed to sit in it. When you are tired or upset, you've been crying, "Be bag! Be bag!" Dada throws you in it and you yell, "Two. Tree. Wheeeee!"

You say, "no mama" when you are upset with me.

When I call your name, you call back, "Te-ta!"

You are so attached to your baby doll. You could be in the middle of doing something and you'll pop your head up and cry out, "Baby!? Baby!? Oh baby!" And then go in search of baby. (most of the time it's on the floor near you)

You will put almost anything on your head and call it a hat.

You can count to five (we're working towards ten) and you sing your "abc's" always beginning with A-B-C-D and you will sing a little and say G and sing a little more and maybe I, and so on.

You do headstands...sometimes it looks as though you're going to break your little neck.

You started getting your two-year molars and have been such a trooper. You don't complain about much.

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