Thursday, January 22, 2015

To my baby boy, at 5 months!

Oh my!  Baby boy.  How I LOVE your feet.  All of you, really.  Just oozing with love for you.  I squeeze you a lot, especially your "oodgy, goodgy" thighs.  I am not sorry.  You doubled your birth weight...a while ago.  I think we are pushing about 16 pounds now, at five months old. 
I am trying so hard to savor, rather than squander, our moments.  Life happens here, every day, in these moments.  This lucky mama.
You have just started flapping your arms really hard-like you want to fly-when you get excited (you have also been experimenting with hitting me really hard...not so much a fan...but, I know you are just discovering your world-our world-and your place in it).
Since you were born, you have made an "o" with your mouth when you have to poop; and, now you like to have at least a finger in your mouth (sometimes a whole fist) when you fart or poop.
You know all of our faces.  So, when I am in the room and someone else is holding you, you start to get a worried look on your face; and, if you need something (milk, mama love), you let me know right away.  When you are not tired or hungry, you totally light up when you see dad or your big brothers.
You are VERY interested in our food, always trying to grab our plates and glasses (when we are holding you at the table).  You can almost sit up on your own.  We will wait until you can, all right, buddy?
You are fiercely teething, exactly the same as your brothers did (from 8 weeks to 8 months for the first tooth) would think your mama would have learned something by now.  Homeopathic teething tablets help you a bit.  You like cloths.  Cold cloths are good.  I might try a carrot for you to gnaw.
I have figured out everything that upsets your tummy; and, I am afraid to try the things that you are/were sensitive to because I don't want to upset your tummy (sleepless nights, rough days).  So, in addition to no cow's milk or gluten or nightshade veggies or sugar, for you I am also not eating:  sweet potatoes, squash, dates, chocolate (ouch!), or egg yolks.  It's totally OK with me, really.  I want you to be healthy.
I love, love, love to see you smile.  Even better if you laugh.  Your discoveries make you laugh, sometimes.  Like when someone a few feet away comes close really fast (the first few times, that was hilarious).  LOL.  Today, you farted when I was changing you; and, we either made funny faces that made you laugh or the sound of your bare butt fart made you laugh.  Either way, we ALL laughed.  It was sweet and funny.
I love to see you grow.  And, I love that you want to play with your big brothers so badly!  Daddy says you can't wait to walk.  Well, I can wait.  Let me savor a little more, please!  Love you always.

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