Monday, October 17, 2016


To my little three years and two months.

You call an elevator an "alligator".

You like to make up songs while playing your "mahnica" or drums.

I love that you still begin a sentence using "them". "Them's going to sweep. Ssssshhhhhh! Be Quiet." I should correct your improper English, but I don't because it's adorable the way you speak. Perhaps I'll think differently in a couple of years.

You love to twirl and whenever you decide to wear a dress, I'll give you two or three to choose from and your main requirement is that it has pockets and your second is its twirl factor. 

You could just make art for hours, Greta. You always ask to draw or paint or color, and I typically oblige.

You are always checking your toes for any lint or fuzzies from your socks, spreading each toe apart to examine it. "I have sumpthing in my toes!" 

You keep asking when winter will come. You are very excited about building a snowman. Soon enough, my love. Soon enough. Let's just enjoy Fall while it lasts.

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