Tuesday, October 18, 2016

14 months

To my little stinker...at fourteen months.

You gave up your paci at about eleven months...I feel like this is important to mention. You were pretty addicted to it and you just quit it cold turkey one day. Like, I tried to give it to you and kept on doing so, and you just didn't want it.

You can stack blocks. I watched as you walked right up to the blocks one day and just started stacking one on top of the other. Once it gets higher than you in a sitting position, it topples because you haven't figured out that you need to stand up to stack more.

You say "uh-oh" in such a way...and you will keep repeating it until we acknowledge that something truly tragic has just taken place...like you very intentionally dropping your food or a utensil on the floor.

You say, "Geta, Mama, Dada, apple, uh-oh, ow, eye, no! and all duhn." The word you perhaps say the most is "Hallo!" And it is just the best the way you say it. So excitedly, waving your little hand in the air as you keep repeating it. I could just eat you!

You have started to randomly bring me a book to read and kind of throw it at me and then climb into my lap and look up at me. Yes! I will read to you. Without a doubt, my little Plum. I was nervous because you would never sit still for long enough for us to read to you, but now you only lose interest half the time.

You cry hysterically whenever Dada and big sister leave to go to soccer or out  for a bike ride. And then you just nurse and fall asleep in my arms until they get back. 

You just started sleeping though the night...on occasion. I am thankful for that. But when you wake up, you scream like the world has just ended. You have got some set of lungs.

You love to dance and you have got some sweet moves. 

You just figured out how to climb up onto our bed. You climb on everything and then just stand there with a devious smile strewn across your face until I notice. And when I do, I ask you to get down so you don't hurt yourself and you scream and jump up and down and say, "No- whey! No-wa! No-wa!" 
Gah! You adorable little stinker, you!

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