Tuesday, September 20, 2016

13 months

To my darling Plum...at thirteen months.

You weigh 21 lbs and are 30 3/4 in tall! Your head is in something like the 96th percentile...which I attribute to you being super smart...even though I have a tiny peanut head. But hey! (I forget my point here and now I'm just super self conscious about my tiny head)

You have eight teeth! Six on the top and two on the bottom.

You give the best hello's. You wave your little hand and in that oh so sweet little voice of yours say, "Hiiiiiiii."

You say, "Ow!" pretty dramatically whenever you are hurt.

You are such a daddy's girl. You could be nursing and when Dada walks in and you hear him, you jump up and say, "Dada!" and go run to him. Yes! that's right. You are literally running. You are so quick. Or maybe it's a fast paced swagger...with your bow-leggedness.

I get this distinct feeling like you will be my wild child. You do what you want and when anyone tries to stop you...for fear of you hurting yourself...you give them the dirtiest look. And we will all be sitting down and eating and all of a sudden you will just jump in your little chair which is attached to the table and wiggle your arms in the air and scream and we pick up our drinks so they don't spill and you just laugh and then your sister joins in on the ruckus and for whatever reason, I think it's cute and pretty funny, though I try not to laugh at things which aren't mannerly.

You flip though books and "read" aloud, making all sorts of sounds and it might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen.

You also mimic your sister in pretend play. You take a little stuffed creature or princess and walk up to the little side table and have them walk about, talking up a storm the whole time. This is pretty adorable, too, I have to admit.

Oh, Stella! The way you lean your head against ours and look deep into our eyes or the way you give Eskimo kisses while grinning ear to ear or the way you hug my leg so tightly when Greta is playing tag with you...these are those very special moments which make me want to bottle you up like this and carry you with me forever and ever. One...it's a good age.

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