Wednesday, September 14, 2016


To my darling three years and one month.

You are such a prolific artist...churning out something new everyday. You love to draw, my even managed to draw on some furniture this month. Your most treasured gift from your birthday was a drawing pad and watercolor crayons from your great aunt. "Dis is the best pwesent ever!"

You insist on scooting everywhere. It takes us FOREVER to go anywhere...especially when you fall off the thing every block or so.

Your most frequently used saying lately has been, "Because that's what I do!"

We went camping this past weekend at the Warren Dunes in Michigan and it rained the first night. There were so many mosquitoes that mama couldn't take it anymore. But you couldn't be happier. We were all sitting in our teeny tiny tent together and you gave us all big hugs and said, "I love you guys so much." My heart literally exploded...and then I was ready to get the f**k outta' there. We spent the first night in a hotel.

The following night as I was taking a pee at the campgrounds, I looked up because you said, "Hee hee hee, that tickles"...and you had two mosquitoes on your face. I swatted them away and cursed camping. ( I had just put bug spray on you and that beautiful face of yours) You were still as happy as can be...but you are still scratching all the mosquito bites. So many. They preferred to bite you and me. I"m guessing because we're so sweet.

You have been practicing displaying different emotions through facial expressions. The photo above is surprised.

You are the worst sleeper. You literally got out of bed like ten times tonight. You are in our bed only because Dada threatened to put you back in your own bed if you got out of our bed again.

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