Saturday, August 6, 2016


To my darling Estella one-year-old..

You are officially a walker! Although, when you are not getting somewhere quickly enough, you crawl on over.

We made a visit to the doctor on your birthday. You got impetigo around your mouth. It's pretty gross. Let's hope you never get it again...

At your party, you were reaching for the flame of the candle and I must have scared you with the sound I made because you started crying so hard. I'm sorry. I really didn't want you to burn yourself. Notice the look of fear on your face as Dada presents you with your cake and candle on your actual birthday.

You have never slept through the night. You always start off in your little crib beside our bed, but end up in our bed at some point in the night, always wanting to nurse and never settling for anything less. Waking up to you is truly a joy, I must say. You smile as you make sweet little sounds and stand up and then fall into the pillows. You snuggle in close to my face and smile and your shrieks of joy and laughter completely make up for keeping your mama up at night.

Anytime you hear music or if someone sings to you, you begin dancing. I especially love when you stand up, arch your back, stick your tummy way out, and throw your hands up in the air and wiggle them all around. It's so cute. You're so cute

Your smile is contagious, my sweet Plum. If your sister is in a mood or is not being particularly nice to you, you will continue to be nice to her and smile and make your sweet little sounds and you turn her frown upside down. My little bright...such light.

You are most content when you are at home...much like your Mama. Much the opposite of your sister.

You know what you want and when you don't get it, you let it be known.

You are trying so desperately to talk. You have such expression and inflection in your little voice.

When Dada is home, you insist that he holds you. Forever and always.

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