Wednesday, June 15, 2016

To my 22 month old!

We just called your great grandma, whom you met on our recent trip to Nashville.  Your dad and I think you have the cutest "bye-bye".  It's even cuter when you add, "luh-you gamma, bye-bye".  She enjoyed it, too.

You have grown much more attached to your daddy; but, you already understand that he has to leave sometimes to go to work (thankfully, we only had a few tearful goodbyes, mostly because you were sleeping past the time daddy left for work).

When you hear a truck or a motorcycle, you tell us.  When you see a jeep, truck or motorcycle, you tell us.  "Ruck", "cycle", "jeep".  Trains are "choo choos".

You have started saying, "I do"...for just about everything.  You definitely love pressing buttons for all the automatic machines we have (dishwasher, coffeemaker, blender, food processor, washing machine).  You also like to help...even helping me unload the dishwasher or helping us clear the table when your brothers don't listen.  You know what needs to be done and you go and do it.  That is a beautiful thing!  You even help us pull weeds!

Yesterday, your daddy asked you where your brothers were and you told him, "playing ow-side".  Good job on the phrases, buddy.  I pray to cherish these things for you are growing so fast!

You love hide and seek.  You know to be quiet and you know to be out of sight.  Where do you learn these things?  Your daddy said you hid behind the towels hanging in the bathroom when he said, "Where are you?".

When we went to our local jazz festival this weekend, you were putting on a show (dancing and climbing and jumping and being cute) for everyone around us.

You like to pretend you are sleeping because you know it makes us laugh.  Daddy says you lie down on the bed with your bottom in the air and close your eyes.  Sometimes you fake snore.  Then, you pop up and want daddy to notice and tickle you.  You do this over and over again.

We went strawberry picking recently and you loved eating sun-ripened strawberries.  Luckily, your brothers were great at picking this time.  So, they helped me quite a lot so that we could keep up with how many you ate!

Your brother is teaching you numbers.  You repeat them; but, we are not sure if you know what they mean yet.

You love to ride in the stroller and on your tricycle (that we push...that all of your brothers used...and thanks to a hand-me-down from a friend).  You somehow get your brothers to take you out whenever you are jonesing to go!  You also love pushing your "mawmower (lawnmower)".

When we leave the house and your rain boots are in sight, you HAVE to wear them. 

You are teething up a storm the past couple of months--2 molars so far!  It is wonderful and amazing to watch you grow and learn and laugh.

I pray for all the blessings God gives us through you, dear son.  We all love you so.

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