Thursday, June 9, 2016

10 months

To my little ten months.

You just got over having the highest fever (103.5) this past weekend...but you didn't complain. You just wanted to be held and snuggle and nurse.

You dance anytime you hear music.

You love meat! I will put fruit and veggies and meat in front of you and you always go for the meat first.

You like to rip up paper into teeny tiny pieces and then put those pieces in your mouth.

You are always doing something to look for a reaction. You look to me and then look to dada and look to me again. "Was that funny?" are the words I imagine you're thinking. Yes. Stella. You're cute and so funny.

You look at people with such an you're looking right into their soul, their very being. Always observing others while snuggled next to mama.

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