Monday, May 9, 2016

To my 20 month old son!

Whoa!  We are getting close to 2!  I love the age you are!  I love that you want to "hep" us with everything:  putting laundry soap in, planting flowers, pressing buttons, making smoothies, making any recipe really, putting toys away, rinsing your brother's hair in the bath, helping daddy make coffee, helping daddy fix things around the house, helping your brothers play, putting away dishes from the dishwasher.  Really, everything.  We let you, of course.  We have grown in patience, for sure (most days).

A couple of weeks ago, you started repeating everything we say.  It's so cute!  I love listening to you trying to say words!  Love it!

You got 4 new teeth in the past two weeks!  Yowza!  We did not sleep a lot for a couple of stints!

You love to play with your 6yo brother.  Both of them, really; but, your 6yo brother is more playful (even though he is also more rough) with you.  He treats you like one of the fellas and you love that.  You love being included.  You laugh along with us even though you don't know what is funny.  If we are teasing daddy, you tease along with us.  It's the best.  Dare I say, it's so cute!

You love to dance.

I have given you your 3rd or 4th haircut already.  Your hair is still wavy.  You still have the colic swirl like your grandpa (my dad).

You are also healing and able to eat more foods.  You love rice in all forms (brown, white, oat groats, cauliflower that looks like rice).  You love your meat.  Chicken, pork and salmon are your favorites.  You love cucumbers.  You love bacon; but you just suck the flavor out and spit out the pieces.  You love berries.  You love the gluten free cupcakes mom made for your brother's birthday party.  At first, I was not sure if you liked frosting because you just wanted the cake; but, yesterday, you licked off all the frosting and then ate the cupcake.  Yum!

You love chocolate and I am so, so grateful you can eat it!

I thank God every day for the joy you bring!  I love you forever!


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