Thursday, May 12, 2016


To my lovely Greta two and three quarters.

You most definitely favor Daddy these days. Actually, you two have shared a special bond since you came into this world. I love to watch you two together. He loves you so.

You never leave home without your "sungwasses". You now have a collection of four, but you have been favoring your heart-shaped ones.

Since your Gram introduced you to picking dandelions, all our walks take a little longer these days. And that's ok with me. We don't have anywhere to be but with each other, my love, because time passes much too quickly.

You love treats and so do's become a problem. (I'm looking at you, ice cream) We're taking a little retreat from treats. 

Over this past month, a few people have told me or said in passing, that you look like Shirley Temple. Those curls! I hope you keep those baby curls.

You haven't quite transitioned all the way to your big girl bed, but we're working on it. It's in a whole different room, so that doesn't make it easy. You need either Daddy or me to lay with you until you fall asleep and we usually just end up falling asleep in bed with you.

Ever since a little Jack Russell terrier ran up to you and dropped a ball at your feet in the park you have been asking for a dog of your own and are pretty adamant about petting every dog we pass. You almost tripped a woman running with her dog the other day. "Ah! I couldn't weach that one."

You are so funny and so smart and you have a great memory and everywhere we go, people comment on how very cute you are. And it's not just your outward beauty, Greta, but something so much more. People are drawn to you because of your personality. You are kind. You know how to have a good time. You sometimes get a little shy, but never for very long.

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