Tuesday, January 19, 2016

To my 17 month old boy

Since fall, you have been pointing to squirrels and trying to say "squirrel" by clearing your throat.  It comes out as something like, "squ-ccck".  Good try, bud!

You say some version of, "da" or "da-da" or "da-da-da..." for daddy and you do the same for mommy; but, not usually when I am with you.  You usually only ask for me when I am not with you.  I look forward to the day you open your arms to me and say, "mama".  I love you soooo much.

Speaking of which, one of my absolute favorite things is when I open my arms to you and you run into them and bury your face in my shoulder.  Gah!  I will take as many of those as you will give me.

So, in case I forget to tell you, I absolutely love your chubby baby feet.  I have always loved baby feet...until about age 3.  I just love them.  So, I have included a couple of pictures of your beautiful feet.  They will carry you far, my love.

You understand almost everything we tell you (so, I remind everyone to be careful what we say!).  When I tell you something, I can tell you are processing it and trying to figure out what I said...and, more often than not, you go and do what I said.  You are amazing! 

So, lately, you have been taking my phone and hiding it; but, when I ask you where it is, you take me right to it.  So far, so good. 

You are getting better with your spoon and fork and cup every day.  Because we use cloth napkins at every meal, you have also been wanting a napkin lately.

I don't know when you started this; but, you often sit on mommy's or daddy's feet or push yourself against us when you want us to pick you up (or take you with).

You still don't say much; but, your brothers got you to say, "Hot Baby" this week.  LOL.  I heard you say it once.  We tried to get you to perform again for daddy without luck.

We have started dancing in the kitchen (again); and, you have joined right in.  But, instead of bee-bopping, you twirl in circles and get dizzy.  Super cute, dear boy!

Your dad is working on a lot of stuff in our house right now; so, of course you HAVE to help.  And, of course dad HAS to indulge you, lucky boy (lucky dad).  So, everything takes a bit longer; but, it is with more JOY!

You are an absolute joy!  I even think your 6 yo big brother has bonded more with you (and also with us) this last month.  I love to see that!  We love you, my son!

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