Friday, February 5, 2016


To my two and a half years.

You have officially entered the terrible twos. I didn't think this could happen. No. Not to my sweet Greta. With each passing day, you become increasingly difficult...but I think it's because I only compare it to your normal sweet disposition. I get the feeling like this is nothing, really. Like it could be so much worse.

Oh Greta! You love to laugh! You love to sing! When I try to join along in singing with you, you tell me to stop, but when I laugh with you, we do just that, we laugh together. And with your sister, it is just the greatest giggle fest I ever did see.

You talk in your sleep. I asked you this morning if you were dreaming. You said, "Yes." I asked you what your dream was about. You said, "Board. A board in the spring time. And there were childrens." As I type this, you are napping and saying, "Just keep Twr-ying. Just keep twr-ing."

You are taking soccer and ballet at the moment and you love both.

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