Tuesday, December 15, 2015


To my Greta...my sweet, sweet, Greta,

You are just the sweetest big sister. You often will snuggle with Estella and then say, "I love Stella, Mama." or "Sweet yiddle baby." or "she's bootiful."

You love your cousins so much. You call them your "fwends." And you often tell me you miss them...one cousin, in particular.

You are still taking ballet and have just started soccer (you call it "football").

You made your very first snowman with Daddy. You insisted on the carrot nose and held onto the carrot the entire time.

You kept asking to go to the beach to "blow bubbles", and so we did. We went to Marco Island, FL last week and you were sick the entire time, but that didn't damper your little spirit. You had so much fun playing in the pool and burying the seashells that Daddy would find for you. You called your bathing suit your "costume." At the beginning of the trip, you kept asking to go home, but by the end, you didn't want to leave.

You have this fake laugh that is just so funny.

You are beginning to have a preference about what you wear, which makes Mama a bit sad, I hate to admit. But you are your own person, and you are entitled to make your own decisions. I will dress you for as long as you will let me.

You keep asking us our names and always refer to your sister as "Estella Pwum". And when we ask if you are hungry, you say, "I not hungry. I Teta!" or "I not silly. I Teta!"

You still look like an angel when you sleep and I could still watch you forever.


  1. I just caught up on this. Your photos are gorgeous. Your children are gorgeous. You are gorgeous. I miss you all so much.

    1. You're too kind. I miss you, too!