Thursday, November 5, 2015

3 months

To my darling three months.

Your eyes are STILL blue. We're amazed by them, you inquisitive little babe, you.

You do a 360 degree turn when laying under your activity gym. You want to examine every little plush creature. That monkey still makes you smile big.

You are beginning to reach out and grab things.

You keep finding your thumb and sucking on it.

You take your paci out of your mouth and sometimes you can even put it back in.

You have dimples and I could just eat them up.

You laughed for the first time, you happy little baby, you.

You love to watch your big sister and when she starts talking to you, you get so excited and smile and "talk" right back to her.

You went on a swing for the first time at Aunt Erin's.

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