Tuesday, December 29, 2015

To my getting big boy at 16 months!

Sweet boy, you are walking!  At first, you were careful and looked before you stepped.  Now?  You just plow through and start crying if you happen to step on things on the floor (which is often, because you dump everything out).

When your cousins were here for Christmas, you just loved participating with the big kids on everything.  Luckily, they wanted to play with you, too.  Round and round, you all went.  LOL.

I cut your hair.  It was a bit unruly.  It still is, only shorter.

You did so well when we took your brothers to the Museum of Science and Industry.  We stayed longer than I thought we would, so we had to go to Whole Foods and pick up some snacks for dinner (aw shucks).  You did not fuss once for the ride there.  You were active and interested in the exhibits...to the point that you did not want to nap until you conked out at about 2 (usually you are asleep by noon).  And, you almost made it home without fussing...the last 15 minutes or so were a little hairy.

You are paying more attention to our mouths and therefore, our words.  You are learning that things have names.  You are learning your eyes, nose and mouth.  And you poke ours, too (I don't like that; but, I let you learn without hurting).

You like helping.  You have just learned to put things in the garbage.  So, when I ask you to, you go and put things in the garbage for me.  This is good and not so much...sometimes you put other things in the garbage, too.  We need a piece for the humidifier that we cannot find anywhere...Ahem.  Can you help us find it, sweet pea?

There are often a million (well a handful) of things I want to be sure to remember...and then, I forget.  But, I know I love you and I love watching you grow.  I will take what I remember.  You are a joy!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, big boy!

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