Wednesday, November 4, 2015


To my shuga',

You love to play "baseball". You will pick up any ball you find and throw it at us and say, "catch!" You have a pretty good arm, there, my dear.

You love to help. Whenever I am doing, laundry, sweeping, you always ask, "I help you, mama?" I typically try to find something you can handing me the clean dishes from the dishwasher.

You have been telling us what you are going to do followed by a very adamant "o-tay?"

You have no real interest in using the potty. You use it as a step stool to reach things and you sit on it and stare at us while we use the potty.

You love to play doctor and "check" us. You introduce yourself as Dr. Teta and ask us our name. You say, "say, ah!" and will use just about any toy to examine us.

You will walk up to just about any child at the park and say, "Here. Hold my hand." and proceed to drag them to wherever you were headed (i.e. the slide). Some kids oblige and some not so much. 

Anytime I need you to do ANYTHING, you cover your eyes and hide. It was cute for about a minute.

You love to read again! Hooray! For a long time, you would not let us read to now request that we read to you. Your favorites are anything "ABC" and "The Little Engine That Could".

We had to bribe you with a lollipop in order to get you to wear any kind of Halloween took it all off as soon as I took a few photos of you.

You have been saying, "Tastes like shuga'" lately. I have no idea where this came from.

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