Monday, August 24, 2015

welcome, my little plum.

To my darling little girl,

You came into this world early on a Sunday morning in August, two nights after a blue moon. Your big sister also decided to come on a Sunday. As did your mama. We named you Estella Plum.

Your dad and I had it narrowed down to three girl's names and every time we said, "Estella", you smiled. You even frowned when we mentioned one. So, in a way, you chose your name. Your dad felt it was right. He thought it was a "magical" one.

Four pushes and you were out. I held you right away. I thought you looked just like your big sister when she was born. You latched onto my right breast and peed on me while you were nursing. I didn't mind.

Daddy cut your umbilical cord. Our midwife, Nancy, said it was the longest she had ever seen. They even measured it...40 was loosely wrapped around your neck a couple times when you came out, "like a necklace", Daddy said.

My sister got to witness your birth, which made it all the more special. I'm grateful she could be there to hold my hand. A sister watching a sister being born.

You met your big sister later that day. She was so excited to see you. She wanted to hold you and she kept pushing on your nose, saying, "Awuuuuuuga!" She was so gentle with you.

You are so beautiful. You are so little. You are so loved, my little Plum.

Love always,


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