Thursday, August 6, 2015

To my curious 11 month old baby boy

What a week!  It's no wonder you had trouble sleeping last week:  you got two more teeth (for a total of 4!), you learned how to crawl the stairs and you are starting to wave, "bye-bye".

You, sweet boy, have started getting into everything within your reach.  And, you are pulling yourself up to stand all over the house!

Regarding the stairs, you paid no attention to them and then, one day last week, you were curious and climbed all the way up your first time all alone (with us right behind you of course).  You are a pro going, we just have to teach you to go down!

You love to plant your foot on my chest when you nurse as if to say, "don't go anywhere mommy".  :)

You want your daddy!  Even over milk!  LOL.  I love that you have bonded with daddy.  Daddy loves it, too.  Your brothers did not prefer daddy until they were about 1 1/2.

You are still eating everything mommy gives you (primarily fats, meats in tiny pieces, vegetables and fruits, all in tiny pieces).  You feed yourself.  Mommy did not let your brothers do this.  I think we are onto something.  I hope that you keep enjoying foods as much as you do.  You really like greek meatballs (made with lamb and beef, grated lemon, garlic and oregano).  You eat all your veggies.  You like grapes and unsweetened applesauce the best.  We seem to finally have your tummy issues under control.  The autoimmune paleo diet (that the rest of us started to heal from leaky gut syndrome, read more here) seems to be what you needed also.

Your brothers adore you and are enjoying getting to know you as much as we are!  I love to see you bond with them.

Oh!  How we love you so, sweet boy.


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