Friday, May 22, 2015

To my 9 month old baby boy!

Where does the time go, sweet boy?  You are growing and changing so much!  Since I last wrote, you have become good at sitting up now.  You are even starting to maneuver (scooting, getting up on 3 "legs", pushing yourself back, turning yourself around in about a 4 foot space).  Any day, you will be crawling.  Yikes!  :)

You also got your first teeth (just like your brothers, just made it in at 8 months!  LOL).  You have your two bottom teeth now.

You have tried some foods now.  Avocadoes, olive oil, butter, zucchini, carrots (I think you are allergic), green beans, bananas (which you loved).

You have learned all of our faces, of course.  You also respond to EVERY noise you hear, especially when you are nursing (much to my chagrin).  You even know that the sounds of the stairs mean someone is coming.  It is very hard to get you to go to sleep when there is activity around you, even if you are super tired.

You are very good at finding tiny little things (that you are not supposed to have).  No matter how often I vacuum and sweep, you always find something I missed.  I have no idea how your brothers are going to play with Legos when you start getting around.

You like to study things and are great at transferring them between your hands.  And, boy, do you get mad if I try to take something away that you were interested in.  I forget how upsetting that can be (and, sometimes I forget to distract you with something else).

I was going to remark how lucky you are you haven't fallen (out of a bed or from a sofa, etc.).  But, you kind of jumped out of my lap last week and landed on your forehead on the carpet, from the chair.  I know it hurt and you were mad at me.  I think I lost a tiny bit of your trust there.  I am sorry, buddy.  You were too quick.  I am really sorry.

You absolutely love your feet.  You love to chew on them.  You love to take your socks off.  I have a feeling we might have a hard time with shoes, once you need them.

You love your brothers.  They love you too.  You love to be wherever they are.  You love to play; and, you are starting to know what to expect.  You always get excited and laugh when you see any of your brothers or your dad.  They love to play with you.

You do this thing where you pull your hair.  It must hurt; but, it does not seem to bother you.  I think you do it when you are overtired and overstimulated (it's always when I am trying to nurse you to sleep and its a bit of a struggle).  You like to feel things sometimes as you are drifting off--a blanket, my skin, your hair.

You are so amazing.

I love to hold you on my chest when you snuggle in to me or when you are sleeping. 

I love to just watch you discover the world.  It's wonderful.

I love you so much.  I just squeeze you sometimes (not sorry).  Oh, and your legs...and the dimples in your knees.  Too much.  Too much.  I love you always!


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