Friday, August 29, 2014


It amazes me how quickly this year has passed. Greta is one. My baby is becoming a toddler. She is walking, "talking", and generally being very mischievous...but she is really just curious about the world around her. We still call her "baby" and probably always will. She will always be my sweet little baby. How I love her dearly.

To my darling Greta...who is one.

You had your first taste of chocolate at your first birthday party at Montrose Harbor surrounded by friends and family. It was a good day. We also had a little birthday celebration at home with dada and grandma and a cake (that mama tried to dye ombre pink with beet juice...but failed to make it work).

You love fabric so much! You could take laundry in and out of baskets all day long. You like to drape it over your body and cover your head and play peek-a-boo, you little goose, you. (goose is dada's favorite nickname for you at the moment...mama still calls you her little babushka.)

You also love to push the laundry basket all over the house and put things in and take things out. You are very particular about what goes in your basket. If mama and dada are looking for something we seemed to have lost...we can typically find it in one of a few baskets we have around the house.

You are running! You are so less cautious nowadays. You like to run and you make this panting sound as you do it and it is so darn cute.

You love to feed mama and dada. We love it too...sometimes.

You also like to throw your food on the floor and dump your water out and splash in it on the table.

We have stopped going to swim kind of screamed the whole time the last few times we went...perhaps we'll try again when you are two.

You kiss the characters in the books we read...especially those monkeys with the boo-boos who keep falling off the bed. You did this completely and utterly on your own, you sweet girl.

You "share"...because you will give something to another child or mama or dada and then maybe want it back immediately after.

You have been making the most unbecoming faces lately. I tell you to "stop it with the faces" and you make that face again.

I think back to that glorious, wondrous night you came into our world, and am stricken with such an awe for you. You were this tiny, little, precious thing...the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I couldn't get enough of you...watching you in constant wonder. We made you. Me and your daddy. You are forever ours. Our sweet baby girl. You've grown so much and I have loved every minute of it. Every second.

Many more years of growing and learning are ahead of us, my darling...and I couldn't be more excited for it.

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