Friday, July 25, 2014

11 months

To my sweet eleven months.

It's hard to believe that you will be turning ONE soon. I feel a mix of emotions...sadness... you are quickly becoming a much as I miss you being this sweet little baby, you are becoming this little person with so much are just getting into everything and getting hurt, which makes mama hurt...I can't protect you all the time from this big bad world, but I'll do my best to teach you right from wrong and everything in between.

You have about twelve teeth in that little mouth of yours.

You give me kisses without me asking. Sometimes, when you wake up early, but mama is not quite ready to get up, I pick you up and bring you in bed with me and you nurse and when you are finished, you jump up and are ready for the day and you give me kisses to wake me and I love you for it.

You have curly hair.

Even though we only occasionally watch Sesame Street on tv (once or twice a week), you know how to turn the tv on and off.

You do this thing where you put your finger against your lip and pull down and make a funny Three Stooges kind of sound.

You went on your first boat ride! (you were pretty sleepy, but I think you really liked it)

We celebrated your first 4th of July at Aunt Melissa's. We both fell asleep before the fireworks, but you woke up while they were going off and we had a pretty great view of them from our bedroom, so we watched them for a little while before you drifted back to sleep.

We took a little weekend trip to Seattle for a dear friend's wedding and saw and ate and did as much as we possibly could. The Chihuly Garden was the most magical thing to walk through. I was in love. Daddy and I actually purchased a trio of signed prints awhile ago from this little art gallery in our old neighborhood...I framed them and still love them. 

You love dogs! Every time you see a dog, you make this high pitched squeal and point to the dog.

You have been pointing at everything and we try to tell you what you are pointing at always.

You refuse to wear sunglasses or a hat.

You "talk" with such expression and inflection in your voice.

You've been taking swim lessons since you were about seven months old and you have no fear of water...but you still don't particularly care to go under.

We go to music class with Mr. Dave every week or so and you love it.

You are walking now! You big girl, you.

You say, "mama", "dada" and "hi" and wave.

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