Friday, September 26, 2014

13 months

I've been debating whether or not to continue with the Greta updates after the year seems as though she's taken over quite a bit of the content of this blog we've created. To be honest, this is my life. She is my life, at the moment, so it only makes sense that I would be writing about her...for her to read someday...maybe.

I wish I could say that I'm saving the world one day at a time or being this real kick-ass photographer lady or opening up a children's shop because I kind of really love hunting down new clothes for Greta, but I have zero business sense. Not to put a label on me or anything, but I am, first and foremost, a mother. It's probably the easiest and hardest job I've ever had...and I've had A LOT of jobs. Easy because she makes it easy...and hard because I make it hard. Because I am hard on myself. I am hard on my husband. Because deep down, I think I've always been sort of a perfectionist, but a laid back perfectionist. If that makes any sense?

Ultimately, I decided it made me happy to write these monthly updates. She makes me happy. And so does that fellow in the photos below. And seeing them together kind of melts my heart and causes me to feel this super kind of love. Everyday. And so it goes.

To my little thirteen months.

You are a C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R! All caps.

You like to run into our bedroom and close the door and wait for someone to look for you. Or you yell...ahem...very loudly to let us know you've gone in the bedroom and we should probably open the door. So, mama gives you kisses through the glass. And you press your nose to the window and giggle and bite the wood between the glass panels. I open the door and you run out screaming at the top of your lungs.

You also love to hide behind furniture and when I say, "Where's Greta?" you run out really fast with your panting breath and scream, too.

Daddy and I took you on your very first camping trip to the Warren Dunes in Michigan. It was beautiful and you did so well, like you typically do and slept so well. Mama, on the other hand, was never accustomed to the wiles of camping. Not a happy camper.

You like to stand in front of the fan and you close your eyes and look so peaceful.

"Eight Silly Monkeys" is your favorite book.

You love your rocking horse. You cry when mama takes you out of it. You do the same thing with the swings at the park.

You dance. And often. Pretty much any time you hear music.

You prefer to use a fork when you eat something you think requires a fork. You're actually pretty good at it.

You recently started climbing onto furniture. And you think standing up and walking off if it is a perfectly reasonable way to get down.

You help mama load and unload the dishwasher...but mostly unload and put the dishes in various places around the house.

You bring your baby, lamb, monkey, bunny, and elephant with you everywhere. You take your baby on the swings with you and insist they all eat with us...and then you feed them your meal.

When you give kisses, you make this smacking sound with your lips beforehand to let us know you're giving us kisses. Which I love.

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