Monday, June 30, 2014

10 months

Well, she's eleven months as of a couple days ago, but here's pictures from the last month. I love her so...even though she's been driving me a little crazy lately.

To my little ten months.

You have ten teeth! Four top front, four top bottom, and two molars.

You are on the verge of walking on your own. You will stand and I will say, "Greta! You're standing! You're doing it baby! Come walk to mama." You then smile and sit down, you little stinker, you. A few other times, you were standing while holding something in your hand and took a couple steps and sat down.

You do this thing all the time. You make an "s" sound. Or maybe it's a "th" sound? It's almost like you are trying to whistle through that big gap in your teeth. Sometimes you'll laugh a little after you do it. You are fascinating to watch.

You love to go in your bedroom and empty your dirty clothes basket and just burrow into the pile and throw your clothes all around.

You really like the swings at the park now. It took some warming up.

You have been crawling into rooms lately and closing the door behind you...

You eat pretty much all on your own. You get upset when I try to help you with spoon-fed meals. Sigh...I feel like you came out of me...and you were independent. You still nurse and I don't think you're ready to give that up. Or maybe I'm not. Either way, you are still a breast-fed baby. And that's ok with me.

You have a little temper on you. When you are getting into something you shouldn't be getting into, I'll pick you up and say, "No, no." and you will give me the dirtiest look and grit your teeth and go, "Oh, ho ho ho." Or you'll smush your hand in my face.

I think you are quickly becoming a daddy's girl. You just light up around your daddy.

You get so excited whenever I open the door to the car to get you out of your car seat. I open the door, and you just smile so big. It melts my heart. You melt my heart. I love you so so much, my darling.

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