Wednesday, March 19, 2014

7 months

To my little seven months.

You have four teeth and you love to bite mama...when it hurts me and I react, you think it's hilarious.

You just started sleeping in your crib in your room...I miss you so much, but am sleeping so much better and so are you, but getting you to bed is another story...

When people meet you for the first time, they tell me or your daddy that you are the most beautiful baby. Many are particularly taken with those big brown eyes of yours. I agree, but I never know how to respond to this. "Thank you" is what usually comes to mind. You were born this way. You are beautiful. Your aunt always told me that YOU know you are beautiful...just don't let other people know that you know that. In other words, my darling, humility is a virtue.

On a side note, you get mistaken for a boy frequently. Perhaps this is because mama doesn't dress you in fru fru and bows. Both Daddy and I are not fans.

You can clap your hands!

Sofie has been your go-to toy since you were about four months. Monkey still lights up your face when he makes an appearance, though.

You don't like the bouncy swing I got for you. We've tried it several just sit there, bend your legs up, and you kind of spin around slowly with a miserable look on your face.

It was the same situation with the swings at the sat there...unamused. We'll try again when it gets a little warmer outside.

You scoot about...mostly backwards. You really don't seem to have an interest in crawling anymore. You prefer to stand. All you want to do is practice standing up and sitting back down and having mama guide you as you walk all around the house. ALL. THE. TIME.

You say "Dada" now! One time, when daddy was traveling for work, you woke up, looked over to his side of the bed (when you were sleeping in our bed) and said, "dada" and then looked over at me with the saddest face.

When you nurse, you make this sound like you are really enjoying it. "Mumyumyumyumyumaaaaaahhhhhhmumyumyumyum." And sometimes, you like to kick one foot up in the air and just hold your foot in your hand while you nurse. Sometimes, I can't help but laugh, which, of course, startles you (you don't like to be disturbed when you are nursing)...oh, Greta, you are developing quite the little personality. I love you.

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