Thursday, February 13, 2014

6 months

I was going through photos of Greta when she was just a month or two old and began to feel a bit sad that she is no longer this tiny baby...sigh. She is becoming such a big girl so quickly. It's really quite amazing and beautiful to watch her grow and discover. Yet, I cried last night because I visited a friend's new baby yesterday and was looking at Greta as she fell asleep in my arms and started thinking, "You will never be this little again." It made me so happy and so sad at once. Jon cheered me up by saying that it will be such an amazing adventure for us to watch her grow up and become this amazing person.

She is amazing. And she will always be my baby. Here's to half a year, my love. The most wonderful six months thus far...with many more to look forward to.

^ Doesn't she look so much like me here?

To my baby six months.

You weigh 18 pounds and are 26 and 3/4 inches long! Still holding steady in the 80th percentile.

You now have three teeth! (that other top tooth will be making an appearance shortly, I'm sure.) Sigh...mama will miss that gummy smile of yours.

Mama made you your first and banana compote. You did not like us to feed it to you. You preferred to feed yourself...I think you really just wanted to chew on the spoon though. You also tried some avocado puree. So far, so good, my little one.

You are definitely a summer baby. You do not like the cold or the snow. We are all anxiously awaiting spring around here after this brutal winter.

You have outgrown our bathroom sink and now take baths in the kitchen sink. (which you already seem too big for) Sometimes you splash and have fun and sometimes you are just too tired and makes me think that this whole bath before bed routine is a bunch of garbage because you enjoy it so much more when you are not so sleepy.

You say "Mama". Many say that you don't associate this word with me yet...but when I leave the room you say, "Mama" and when you are upset or tired, you say it,, I think you know. You also say, "babababa" among other things.

You smile so much and are just so happy that those around you can't help but smile and be happy, too.

You have the sweetest yawn. You make this little sound like, "Ah yum," and open your mouth so wide when you yawn. 

You are so close to crawling! Lately, you get on your hands and knees and rock back and forth.

You grab anything and everything that is near you and proceed to put it in your mouth. Daddy was chopping vegetables for dinner and you took your "Sofie" toy and raked a celery stalk near you and grabbed it and put it in your mouth. You didn't seem to like the taste but continued to chew on it.

You have been sticking your tongue out a lot and playing with it and Daddy just thinks it's the bee's knees.

You smack your hand against your chest over and over and growl like you are a warrior preparing for battle.

You do this thing when you are playing your little piano sometimes where you rock your head back and forth like Ray Charles.

You have been shaking your fist and clenching your jaw shut and going "Oh ho ho ho!" Which Daddy assumes runs in my family because your grandpa did it and apparently, when I am upset, I do, too.

You get so excited every time you see Daddy that you will stop what you're doing and smile so big and hop up and down and wave your arms (in a seated position).

Oh, my baby. I love you and all that you do.

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