Monday, April 21, 2014

8 months

To my little eight months.

You are on the go, go, go! You figured out how to crawl a couple weeks ago. And of course, you are fascinated with door jams and wires and outlets. Oh my!

You love taking baths in the tub, but you hate getting toweled off.

You just started waving hello and goodbye.
For awhile, you would only let us feed you if you had a spoon in each hand...mama is very patient with you during meals. You're still figuring out how to drink water...that's something you let me help you with.

You're getting very good at picking up little pieces of food or puffs with your pointer and thumb...or you pick it up with one or the other.

I still love nursing you. And you still grasp your foot in one hand and kick it up in the air while you nurse and make all sorts of funny sounds. "Mumyumyumyumyumaaaaaahhhhhhuhuhuhuhyumyum." 

We celebrated your first Easter at Gram and Papa's. Your cousin Mary was happy to help you find your eggs.

You open your mouth wide when you give kisses. Today, when I asked for kisses, you bit me.

Everyday, you are just a joy to be around. I love you so so much, my baby.


  1. We have the same little sleeping gown, with a kangaroo instead. I love these photos of your sweetheart!

    1. Thank you! Aren't they just the softest? She had a couple when she was smaller, which she quickly outgrew.