Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 months

To my little five months.

You took your first plane ride to Florida and despite the fact that you were teething, you were such a good girl! Everyone was so kind on the plane. One woman even offered to help if I needed it.

On the plane ride back, you were not as good...but people still found you to be irresistibly adorable. A flight attendant gave you a pair of wings.

You got two bottom teeth while we were in Florida! Just in time for Christmas!

You loved the pool (your first time) but you were unsure of the ocean.

You do this thing where you take your thumb in your other hand and just stare at your hand.

You are such a happy girl...and so much fun! Five months is a good age.

You have been laughing so much more lately and making the funniest expressions.

You are sitting up now! Unassisted.

You say "heeeeey!" like the Fonz. You also say "Waaaaaah!" and a very cute, high pitched "Oh!"

Daddy likes to pick you up in the air and sing a song as he swings you back and forth. You open up your mouth so wide with delight.

Your hair is really filling in nicely. Meanwhile, mama and daddy are both losing their hair.

I could eat you up, I love you so.


  1. I love the one of your dad and Greta. I hope I look as gorgeous as you five months after I give birth.

  2. i love the pic of you and Greta and the beach. :) Two of my favorite girls.