Friday, November 29, 2013

Pilgrims and Indians

So, we woke up on Thanksgiving morning...slowly.  And, the boys were all excited because it was THANKSGIVING (I am guessing it was exciting because dad was off from work, family was coming and all holidays are special days)!  They busied themselves in their room, as they normally do in the morning.

Then, we noticed they were kind of sneaking around.  They just averted our eyes and said, "we're not ready yet!"

We have been reading about Thanksgiving.  We have heard about gratitude and giving thanks.  But, the story that stands out is, of course, the FIRST Thanksgiving, with the pilgrims and indians!

So, when our children emerged from creating art and costumes, they had a "turkey" in hand (a box with construction paper feathers).  And, one of them was dressed as they believe a pilgrim would have dressed (notice the belt on the hat); and, one of them was dressed as they believe an American Indian would have been dressed (the feathers are stuck on the head with a rubber band, and they found a washable marker to make the "paint" on the face because they knew I would be mad otherwise).

Here are our boys.  We are proud of them for their imagination, creativity and doing it all on their own!  We love them!  We are grateful for them.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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