Monday, November 4, 2013

3 months

To my little three months.

Many people ask us if we have a nickname for you. We have many. Not just one. Lately, you roar like a dinosaur, so we have been calling you "tyrannosaurus Greta". And we roar right back and you squeal with delight when we do this.

Your favorite toy is your monkey. (a gift from one of daddy's co-workers) When you wake up, you can't wait to tell monkey all about the dreams you had. When monkey doesn't respond, you take your little hand and give him a shake. (Daddy wishes monkey would respond back for this reason) So, Mama, in her best monkey voice, responds for him. And sometimes, you and monkey just have staring contests.

When I lay with you and you drift off to sleep...sometimes I just stare at you. You smile and make cooing sounds in your sleep and I wonder what you are dreaming of. I could stare at you forever, my darling.

You never used to let us cuddle with you. You would push us away and go "Eh, eh" and try to squirm away when we tried to snuggle you. But, you have warmed up to us, my little one. And I couldn't be more grateful for this. Mama loves to cuddle with you...and you are indifferent...or maybe you like it. Anyway, you let me cuddle with you and it makes me so happy.

When I change your diaper, you take your little hands, place them on your pudgy knees, and pull them up to your chest in anticipation of getting your bottom wiped. I love you for this and when I thank you, you smile, as if to say, "You're very welcome, Mama. Thank you."

You started scooting. With your knees bent, you plant your feet down and move your body up. You try to do this on the changing table and Mama has to hold you down so you don't scoot off of it! You also swing your legs over the side of your changing table...that really scares the shit out of Mama.

You have been sleeping through the night for the past week. You used to wake up at about 3am to nurse and go back to, Mama has still been waking up at this time. I check to make sure you are still breathing and then it takes me awhile to go back to sleep.

You keep scratching yourself with your little nails and when you are in your bouncy chair, I feel like you run your nails over the material to sharpen them...which only reinforces your new nickname. You have also been pinching us lately...

You are on the verge of laughter, which means when you do have your first real will be cracking up on a daily basis because your daddy and I are pretty hilarious.

You just started noticing your feet. You don't really do anything with them. You just acknowledge that you have them.