Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy Birthday, Sister!

I remember this day that you were born 30 years ago.  Our parents always had us stay with friends when babies (you and Ryan) were on the way.  When you were born at home on Jameson Court, we were staying with a family on the "new" side of Bolingbrook - the Reynolds' (they lived in a nice house that I wished was ours).  I remember hearing the news that, "it's a girl!".  And, then I got to meet you.  I fell in love.  You were all mine (after having 3 brothers!).  LOL

I cannot believe you are 30!  And, at the same time, I am so excited you are 30; and, you are married and you have your beautiful daughter and your beautiful life.

I want to tell you how much I love you and how much YOU ARE LOVED. 

You have many gifts, dear sister.  You have the gift of laughter.  You can (and have always) made everyone smile (and laugh!) in the face of sadness, anger or adversity.  You give this gift away freely, to our father, to me, to your friends.  This is a beautiful gift. 

You also use your gift of laughter in your gift of writing.  I am honored to share this blog with you, not only because you are my sister and my friend, but also because you are a wonderful writer!

You have the gift of photography.  You take such beautiful pictures.  I am so glad that you use this gift and share your pictures here on our blog.  I KNOW that when you are ready, you will create a thriving photography business (I still dream about you and I traveling to art fairs and markets with our kiddos and setting up "booths" to sell our creations to others who will hopefully buy them).

You have the gift of unconditional love.  You love others, no matter what.  When they hurt you, you struggle with what to do next, because, dear sister, your love for them does not go away.

You have the gift of calm.  You can remain calm when everything is chaos.  You have used this gift as a teacher and you will continue to use it as a mom.

You have many more gifts.  YOU are a gift.  To me, to our family, to your husband and daughter, to the world. 

I love you.  I look forward to celebrating with you this weekend.  Happy Birthday, lovely sister!

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