Monday, June 3, 2013

a baby shower

What do you get when you add some onesies, lanterns, mason jars, a photobooth, a floral crown, a piñata, a rocking horse (from Germany!), macarons, baby blankets galore, good food, and good people?

...the most magical baby shower a gal could ask for.

And even though this happened Memorial Day weekend, I am and will be forever grateful for everything that went into it. So thank you to Aunt Christy, Aunt Erin, and Gram for throwing it. And Aunt Sue...I loved my floral crown. It made me feel special. I wish I could wear one everyday. Little Caterpillar thanks you all, too. What a lucky baby to be surrounded by such love. I apologize for crying so much...some of the words and gifts were just so beautiful that my heart may have exploded.

And thank you, dear sister, for taking some photographs to capture it all. And thank you, Tanya, for taking a few, as well! And Paula, well, she picked up my camera to capture the day (thank you for that)...but she has her very own camera and you can find her work HERE.

I am looking forward to just us getting together, my sister, to hold a special blessingway for little one. I was there when your sweet son, folded ears and all, came into this world, and I can only hope you can be there when little Caterpillar makes his/her debut. I have a feeling that debut may be sooner than later...

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