Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Second Birth Story

OK, sister, I can take a hint.  I am glad that your friends liked my first birth story.  I love birth stories, too.  And, I can't wait for yours!  But, I will (wait)!  Love you.  Enjoy!

When I was pregnant with my second son, I saw the same midwife for all my prenatal care.  And, one day (after I told her I was quitting my job to stay at home), she asked me if I had any friends with babies.  Ummm...I said, I have one friend who is adopting a baby from Ethiopia and another who is planning a surrogate birth.  She said, "I know someone who gets together with other moms and kids for playdates and such, would you be interested in meeting her?  I can give her your phone number, if you like."  I said, "Sure!"

That was the best thing she could have done for my prenatal care.  The "someone" (my now very good friend) called me right away and left a message (and, I couldn't call her back for a couple of months because it was around that time that my dad had a stroke and I was overwhelmed with his care).  When I took the time to call, she still remembered me and invited pregnant me and my first son to their playdate.  I am so grateful that they liked me as much as I liked them!  Phew.

They even threw me a blessingway (an American Indian tradition that was super-special in every way).  They prepared me so much better for my second homebirth (the first one did not turn out at home!). 

And, so, I went into labor on Mother's Day...  We called our midwife and told her, "Happy Mother's Day! and, when can you come?"  She and her daughter (her assistant) came in the evening.  My sister came at some point that night to stay with my oldest (he was up very late, watching videos and checking on me all the time...very concerned).  I told him I was going to be just fine.  I had my candle lit (and, I felt the strength of all my friends combined).  I had my bracelet that my friends (and sister) created with all the beads that held special meanings (and secret powers.  kidding.  just kidding).  I felt able.  I felt capable.  I felt ready.  My midwife and her daughter were taking turns napping (had that much time gone by?)

I was calm; but, I had a lot of back pain again; so, my husband and my midwife were trying to make me comfortable with massage.  I was mostly on all fours.

Soon after my son went to sleep, I felt the "transition" and it was getting much harder to be comfortable anywhere.  I asked to go in the bed first.  Nope, not quite.  Very uncomfortable.  Very intense.

I asked if I could try getting into the bath.  As soon as I got into the bath, I told my now very tired husband (who probably could have used some coffee) that "it was time".  He was confused.  I told him to call Bernice (my midwife).  lol (but, not at the time), he was still confused.  I yelled, "Bernice!"  She came right away and after a few pushes, she and Helio delivered my second son in our bathtub.  He was sleeping when he came out and his ears were folded down (I said, "oh, his ears, I folded his ears").  He stole my (now triple) heart and never gave it back.  Love grows.  And, grows.  And grows.  I love my beautiful family.  And, I adored this birth.  Makes me want to do it again...

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