Wednesday, June 26, 2013

36 weeks

...and I celebrated one year married to my sweet wonderful husband by attending an all-day birth class.

If you want to go into early labor, go for a boat ride with a 4-year-old steering the boat.

I can do a mean whale impression. Ask my husband. He thinks it's hilarious.

My ankles are no more...they have officially become cankles.

In a sitting position, I can balance any drink on my belly...yes, even a wine glass filled with sparkling grape juice.

I am so very tired. I am sleeping any time I can get comfortable. Heartburn is the issue. Baby is squishing all my organs. I feel so very fortunate that I am not working while being so pregnant.

I tested the sphincter's real, people and I am going to moo like a cow when in labor. Feels good.

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