Tuesday, November 29, 2016

15 months

To my little Plum...at fifteen months.

The way you eat Cheerios is just so funny. You eat like your sister, with one foot up on the table. You take your Cheerios out of the bowl and line them up and then pick them up, one at a time, in a very swift manner, saying, "ah-um" with each cheerio bite.

You roar like a dinosaur. You've been doing this since your cousin's dinosaur birthday party. "Rawr!" in your deepest, raspy voice.

You began holding our hands during our trip to California. You never would before...always saying, "No, no, no!" when I extended my hand to you. Now, you will happily take my hand if it means you get to walk.

On our California trip, we also discovered that you get pretty carsick. I think you threw up all over yourself and your car seat about three times. 

You are starting to repeat everything we say.

You are just so in love with dogs. Any type of animal, really. But, when you see a dog, you say, "Ah, ah, awoooooooooo!" Some day, we'll get a dog, my love.

On our train ride through Bear Mountain, you just kept looking up at all the redwoods exclaiming, "Woah! Wow!" I know. Pretty majestic. I was doing the same thing.

You are such a character, Estella. I love you so much.

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