Wednesday, July 20, 2016

To my 23 month old baby boy!

Oh BOY!  In the last few weeks, you have started trying to say all the words we say.  You are so proud of the things you know; you want to make sure you share them and that we understand you.

Thankfully, you don't get frustrated when we don't understand you.  You just patiently keep repeating yourself until it clicks for us. 

You now like to say, "hoooome" (long o) when we arrive home from somewhere--even if we have only been gone a few minutes, you like to announce it.  I think you are proud you know where we are and I think home is your happy place.  Why wouldn't it be with 4 family members wrapped around your finger?  Seriously.

You continue to be helpful (as much as you can be).  Often, if your brothers are dragging their feet to do something I have asked (clearing the table, emptying the dishwasher), you don't miss a beat to help me.  In fact, you are soooo helpful, instead of letting me help you when I know you might need an extra hand, you get really mad and say your name because you want to do it yourself.

You have learned, "Don't", "Stop" and "Press Pause!".  These are mostly commands you give your brothers.  The "press pause" is for when they are engaged in the tablet or computer.  Mommy is secretly happy that you do this (or maybe not so secret because I am kind of obvious I don't like my boys becoming zombies on electronics).  You even mimic the sounds people make and the inflections and tone of voice.  Needless to say, you YELL, "Press Pause!" because I did it once (maybe twice...or more).

Just this morning, you heard your brothers asking if they could look at Legos when we went to the store.  Then, they went upstairs to play for a few minutes.  Not long after they went upstairs, you said to me, "eggos, pease."  You had to repeat it a few times; but, I finally understood.  You wanted to look at Legos too?  Or, you wanted me to let your brothers?  Or, you wanted to play with them?  In any case, you were happy I understood your words! 

Daddy sometimes doesn't believe me that you understand everything we say.  I know better; so, we have started spelling things.  This is good for your 7yo brother because he needs practice!  LOL.

You love, love, love your lawnmower.  And, you love to be with and act like your daddy and brothers.  It is so special that they are all so patient with you (most of the time).  You are a joy!

Your oldest brother taught you to say, "I cute."  So, you say it and you are.  Gah!  You are also developing a little sense of humor (imagine that, in this house?).  You like to go for the laughs with your, "Aw, man", "Coo man (cool)" and "Daddy in twubow (trouble)".  That last one you caught on to real quick when daddy says that about himself (in a singsong voice no less) whenever mommy is upset about something he did (but not too, I actually find it charming and funny...Phew for all of you!)

This month, we took you on your first trailer bike rides (during those days it was super nice, like 70).   We took you on the "mulberry trail", eating mulberries along the way!  I guess the secret was waiting for you to turn two.  I didn't feel like you should ride it last year.  Your brothers tried it when they were only one and they cried the first time.  Glad we waited.  Mommy finally learned.

I failed to keep you safe from a sparkler on the Fourth of July, however.  Right after I got this picture (below), the sparkler went out and your curiosity sent your hand right to the orange spot and you got two burns on your little fingers.  OUCH!  I am so sorry.  Next time, there will be a bucket of ice water on hand!  But, really, I think you have learned to never touch hot things.'

You've got another 4H fair in the bucket (ha! see below).  So much fun!

This past week, you said your first full sentence.  Your oldest brother witnessed it.  You think for a minute before you speak so you can get the right words out.  You said, "I turned it off." (referring to your battery powered train, I think).

You have had a rough week.  We had storms and a full moon.  It could be that or a milestone or you are teething or you are growing.  Or some combination of these or all of them.  I pray for you.  I have recently started learning more about essential oils; so, I have been trying those too.

Your mommy took a photography class for my birthday last month.  So, maybe, over time, you will see an improvement in my pictures.  I love capturing you in moments.   You are a very happy, contemplative, fun-loving little boy and I love you to pieces.  I can't believe you are one month away from 2!!!! 

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